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Healthy Heart Healthy Living-Oct 6 & 7-2017

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Processed carbs have negative inflammatory health effects

By Gabe Sanders PhD, NSCA-CSCS Moderate fruit consumption is healthy and full of nutrients even though it has a higher sugar content than vegetables and grains. Plant-based carbohydrates can help prevent heart disease, boost your immune system and provide you with daily energy.

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Hypertension: Cardio endurance exercises

Health expert: Gabe Sanders PhD, NSCA-CSCS Exercise improves the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure as well. Try these simple exercises to receive the healthy benefits.

Osteoporosis: Weight-bearing exercises

Health expert: Gabe Sanders PhD, NSCA-CSCS Using light weights or resistance bands are much safer for this special population. Complete these exercises two days a week on alternating days to increase strength and bone mineral density.

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